Web browsers FAQ
Q.  Which web browsers support HTL's animated SVG graphs?
All modern web browsers support SVG. Correct display and animation of HTL's graphs has been explicitly checked with the following browsers:

Windows  Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox*, Opera, Vivaldi. HTL does not display correctly using Internet Explorer.

macOS  Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox**, Opera, Opera Neon, Safari, Vivaldi.

Android  Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Firefox for Android Beta, Firefox Focus, Opera, Opera Mini, Opera Touch, Vivaldi Browser Beta.

iOS  Chrome, Safari.

If you encounter any issues with the SVG graphs displaying and behaving correctly, please ensure that you have the latest version of your browser installed.

* In the Windows version of Firefox, text in the pop-up information boxes overflows the right edge of the box. This behaviour is peculiar to Firefox among the listed Windows browsers, and it is not mirrored in the Android or macOS versions.

** In the macOS version of Firefox (used with Catalina 10.15.4), the Results Table does not zoom correctly. All the graphs zoom as they should.