Hello. I don't know how you found your way here, but I hope it was in search of independent headphone measurements of a depth, variety, and relevance you won’t find elsewhere. Because that is precisely what Headphone Test Lab is about, coupled with an absence of advertising or any other attempts to relieve you of money.

Your journey begins in the Test Results section, where the number of included headphones will grow quickly from small beginnings. Watch out for further measurements too, which are currently in development and will be rolled out when ready. The Latest page will carry news of each addition. (If you'd like to be emailed every time the Latest page is updated, you can set up a free alert at Google's https://visualping.io.)

A more complete introduction to HTL, and how it works, is available here. And you can read about my background in audio here. Videos to help you get the most from HTL's measurements can be viewed here.

This site is designed for viewing on screen sizes of 10-inch (254mm) or larger


If you'd like to support HTL's efforts (headphone manufacturers and their PR companies generally don't much like informed assessment, making review samples hard to come by), please read this. I don't want your money, ever, but you can help with headphones if you wish. Thanks if you do!