Keith Howard, b. 1955
I have been writing about high-quality audio as a hi-fi journalist since 1977. After working as an editorial assistant on Popular Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Answers between universities in 1977/8, I returned to Hi-Fi Answers in 1980 and shortly thereafter became editor, a post I held until going freelance in late 1989. Since then I have written principally for Audiophile, Gramophone, Hi-Fi News, Stereophile (in the US) and HIFICRITIC, concentrating on technical articles and, more recently, loudspeaker and headphone measurement (the latter beginning in 2007). In parallel, starting in the early 1990s, I diversified into writing about automotive technology for various car and motorsport magazines, notably Autocar, Motor Sport, Racecar Engineering and Automotive Design. My wife Angelika and I live in the south-east of England.

Work Experience
Contributor, HIFICRITIC
2011-2020       Contributor, Hi-Fi News
2010-2012       Contributing Editor, Automotive Design
2008-2009      Chairman, AES UK Section
2008                 Chairman, AES UK Conference
2007-2008      Vice-Chairman, AES UK Section
2005-2010      AES UK Section executive committee
2004-2010      Contributing Editor, Stereophile
2000-2011      Consultant Technical Editor, Hi-Fi News
1999-2008     Contributor, Motor Sport
1995-1999      Audio Consulting Editor, Gramophone
1994-2010      Special Correspondent, Autocar
1991-1994      Technical Editor, Autocar
1989-1995      Freelance (Audiophile, Gramophone)
1981-1989      Editor, Hi-Fi Answers
late 1980        Editorial Assistant, Hi-Fi Answers
1977-1978      Editorial Assistant, Popular Hi-Fi then Hi-Fi Answers

Education and qualifications
1978-1979      MSc, Neurocommunications Research Unit, University of Birmingham
BSc (Hons), Astbury Department of Biophysics, University of Leeds
     Duke of York's Royal Military School, Dover