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If you wish to reproduce something from the site, please email me via the Contact page. Reproduction of test results in any commercial context (eg. a magazine or product promotional literature) will incur a charge, whereas reproduction in academic or other contexts, where the request is to reproduce an example of HTL’s output, will normally not.

In no circumstances will SVG graph files be released. If permission is granted to reproduce a graph, a high-resolution bitmap file will be supplied instead. This means, of course, that there will be no graph animation, but, if desired, further bitmaps can show the interactive features separately.

One reason for not supplying SVG files is that they are easily tampered with, which means not only that the HTL logo, copyright notice and file metadata can be removed; it also opens up the possibility of falsification of the measurement data. If you find elsewhere than this website any SVG graph purporting to be, or looking as if it might be, from HTL, this may be more than a copyright infringement: it may be an attempt to mislead you. So please check it by comparison with what is published here.

I would appreciate being alerted via the Contact page if you discover any apparent appropriation or misrepresentation of HTL’s test results. Thank you.