Product submission

If you are a headphone manufacturer or distributor whose product is not included in the Test Results, and you'd like it to be, please let me know using the Contact page. We can discuss delivery of a review sample. After testing, I will alert you when the product is ready for collection (at your expense). I do not presume to keep review samples after testing – which I know may come as a surprise...

If you are a headphone owner and would like a headphone tested out of interest or because you suspect it is faulty, please contact me letting me know the make and model, and which tests you would like conducted. My fee will depend on the number and type of tests involved. If the headphone is not already in HTL's Test Results pages, or if it is the subject of a legacy test, my fee will be reduced if you agree to it being submitted to a complete range of tests, and the results posted here on HTL.

In either case, let's talk.